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Do it yourself! Become a copywriting superstar!

Learn how to create an impact with the words you write. Discover how to engage your readers and get more - and better - clients by writing words for your website that are clear, concise and compelling.

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Are you a business owner who wants to learn the craft of SEO copywriting?

Do you want to learn how to use the words on the website to work better for you - to bring you more and better clients?

Or maybe you’re already a copywriter and you want to hone your skills - make your work more effective for your clients and, of course, increase your own income!


How’s your Bounce Rate?

Your website Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a page and then disappear without visiting any other pages. The chances are that they reckon your website isn’t for them.

Did you know… the average bounce rate for websites is around 52%? For many websites, it’s well over 70%. Just imagine … what would happen if you could cut your bounce rate by just 15%? How many new customers would that bring you?

What’s more - 74% of web readers judge your business by the quality of your spelling and grammar. (RealBusiness). Dare you take this risk with your customers?


Every day our world revolves more and more around online sales. In this tough, competitive world, it’s never been more important to have a website that works for you - one that persuades your visitors to take action.

How’s your website copy looking?

  • Does your website look pretty but just doesn’t bring in the business - or at least the right kind of business?
  • Does it persuade people to get in touch or even better - to buy?
  • Does the ‘tone of voice’ reflect the personality of your company? Do the words ‘speak’ to your target audience or are they flat and dull?
  • Are you making full use of SEO techniques to give your website the best chance of being seen on Google?

But where do you get started?

Well, you could of course employ a copywriter to upgrade the site for you (yep! Feel free to book a call with me!).... or you can learn for yourself the basic techniques for writing great copy.

This will be copy that you can not only use for your website - but for many of your other marketing activities over and over again!.

Copy doesn’t have to be complicated!

But it does need to be clear, concise and compelling!

I’ll share with you the 9 proven steps for creating copy that

  • speaks to your clients
  • gets them engaged and …
  • gets them to take action!


Are you ready to create a website that does the selling for you?

Do you want a site that is engaging and informative - that persuades your ideal client to take action?

Do you want to stand out from your competitors?

Do you want more sales?

PLUS - Do you want to learn a lifetime skill that can be used over and over again across multiple areas of your business - such as email marketing, social media and so on?


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Do you want to revamp or create a new website? Then FIRE THAT COPYWRITER!™ is for you.

Join me on the copywriting journey. You’ll learn loads. You’ll attract more clients.

And you’ll have fun along the way!

I’ve designed FIRE THAT COPYWRITER!™ to get results now! But remember I can only share with you the proven methodology to get you the results you need. It’s down to you to take action, implement what you’ve learned … and track the impact!



  • 9 step-by-step modules of content delivered weekly for easy learning.
  • Worksheets / Templates / Examples – exercises to implement
  • All hosted in a private Facebook group – to share best practices and provide feedback
  • Feedback and copy reviews from me and from others on the program too

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“Highly skilled” “Responsive” “
A pleasure to work with” “Wow!”

A handful of clients quite like my copywriting work.

I worked with Stephen to complete a Proposal for a high value tender. My client was ecstatic with the work he produced. Stephen was a complete professional, easy to work with and always shared great ideas. Would recommend and hope to work with him again soon. Amar Subeval, 1085 Design

Wow! I have written reams for my website and LinkedIn Bios over the years and never felt it was quite right. Stephen was highly responsive, delivered when promised, and spoke in my voice. Loved it! well worth his reasonable rates. I finally feel right about my presence on LinkedIn, my website, and in my reusable Bio. Thank you, Stephen! Annette Furney, Health Care Advisor, NICE and NHS Committees

Wow! And wow! Where have you been all my life?! Finally someone who can actually write brilliant content… !!! Paula Bolton - Business Coach and Comsultant

Wow! Just wow! It’s so funny Stephen… when I had written my copy I thought… that’s quite good... I can’t really afford to send it to Stephen at this time, just go with it. Thankfully, I ignored these thoughts and emailed it to you. I am just blown away with what you have sent back. I am so delighted and know that I can’t afford NOT to send my copy to you! Olivier Beardsmore - Burning Woman

Stephen is a true wordsmith. He has an infectious charm and wit with which he conveys his obvious love of the English language. What makes his approach particularly effective is his deep engagement and understanding of human nature and behaviour. He uses this to expertly craft language so that the message being delivered resonates in a way that is "clear, concise and compelling". He already has a stellar reputation but I have no hesitation adding my name to his growing fan-club. Daishik Chauhan - Software Developer

FIRE THAT COPYWRITER!™ - What we’ll cover

Module 1

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.

You've heard that one before – but it's true!

In Module 1, we cover those all-important basics you need before you start writing your brilliant web copy!

We look at the all-important questions -

What's your website for? Who are your website visitors?

What pages are you going to include?

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Module 1

Now we're getting into the beef!

By the end of this module, you'll be starting to feel like a copywriter.

You'll have learnt about -

  • writing in the right 'voice'
  • being authentic
  • how to 'turn on' on your website visitors
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Module 1

Here's the nitty-gritty!

Here we look at 7 key ways to make your website words sing.

Learn how to avoid all those sad old copywriting mistakes that your competitors are making in their web copy.

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Module 1

More nit and more grit!

Become a copywriter master-craftsman.

Learn 7 copywriting techniques that were learned and tested by the world's original and most successful copywriters.

7 more ways to hook your readers and keep them hooked!

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Module 1

Lay out the red carpet for your visitors

After 4 modules, you're now one of the world's great copywriters!

But. You're only halfway to legendary status.

Your copy may sound great - but it needs to look great too.

In this module, you'll find out how to format your web copy –

How to make it as alluring as a warm winter's bath.

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Module 1

Cut out those embarrassing mistakes

Ever turned up for a sales pitch and suffered a significant wardrobe malfunction?

OK … I'm not admitting to it either!

But in module 6, you'll learn how to avoid those easy-to-make mistakes of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Also – how to score your copy for 'readability' – using the greatest copywriting gadget you never knew you had!

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Module 1

Sweep away the mystery of SEO

Use your copy to give your web pages the best chance of shooting up those Google search results rankings.

Learn these SEO basics and make Google sit up and take notice.

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Module 1

Stand out from the Google crowd!

All it takes is 150 cleverly crafted characters to make you stand out from your competitors on the Google results pages.

In this module, you'll find out about the best advertising copy you'll ever write … and it won't cost you a penny.

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Module 1

Copywriting success tomorrow and beyond

Your copywriting skills needn't stop at web copy.

In module 9, we'll look at how to broaden those great new skills -

how to bring success to your

  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletters
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What's More...
When you act now, you'll get these great BONUS Gifts!

Module 1
Module 1



Double your engagement rate

Increase your conversion rates

Move Your Page up the Google Rankings

Enhance your Credibility and Stand out from your competition

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My name’s Stephen Church from Copywriter Pro. I’m an experienced copywriter with years of experience in the field of business communications. I’ve enjoyed a lifelong love affair with words. I’m fascinated by how they move people - how just a tweak here, an adjustment there, can make all the difference between putting people off and spurring them into action.

My clients include corporates and solo entrepreneurs. I write documentation for government organisations and city law firms. I deliver winning web copy for self-employed plumbers and even a trampoline instructor!


How long will the course take?
The course is a self-paced weekly program delivered over 9 weeks - with lifetime access to all recorded material.

How is the course delivered?
We kickstart the program on the 22nd October. From there you’ll receive immediate access into the course platform which has initial video content and worksheets for you to start implementing immediately. You’ll also gain direct support and feedback from Stephen himself and also via our interactive Facebook™ group. Talk about this.

fire that copywriter

Top Features

9 Step-by-Step modules delivered weekly

(Value £997)

Worksheets / Templates / Examples – exercises to give you practice

(Value £497)

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions to keep you moving forward

(Value £197)

Private Facebook group for extra support, feedback, reviews and connection

(Value £797)

Lifetime access to all recordings of live training sessions and all content



Killer Headlines & Email Subject Lines

(Value £97)


16 Key Copywriting Dont’s and Do's

(Value £147)

That's a TOTAL of £2,732

YOU SAVE £2,435 when you book NOW on my SPECIAL PRE-LAUNCH PRICE of £497

One time payment

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